The Hundred Acre Woods EP

by The Hundred Acre Woods

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We recorded this with our dear friend Pat Loundas at Mad Dragon Studios in Philadelphia, Pa during the month of August 2011. So much thanks to our families and friends for being supportive and an extra special thanks to Jill Mallon for being such a great person. We hope you enjoy it!


released August 31, 2011

Zack Reinhardt - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals
Will Davis - Banjo, Vocals
Winthrop Stevens - Guitar, Vocals
Evan Stout - drums, percussion
Pat Loundas - bass



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The Hundred Acre Woods Pennsylvania

The Hundred Acre Woods is a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: Chester County Moon
Hello darling, will you take my hand,
And we’ll drive around the Chester County land,
Down the rolling hills for everyone to see,
The Brandywine is dead tonight so we’ll just leave it be.

We were both created from the heart of fate,
Two children living in the keystone state,
I like the feeling of your hand wrapped up in mine,
From the edge of Oxford, to the Pennsylvania line.

Did you know I love the way you comb your hair?
The way the stars above reflect in your soft stare.
You’re the one I see when I lay my head to sleep at night
You say...

Hello darling, do you understand,
That you can be with me and I can be your man?
The way you look at me the attitude it shows,
It spreads through every vein and rattles all my bones.

If we go driving down by open master’s creek,
Forget your belongings and come with me.
I like the feeling of your arms wrapped up round mine,
From the crest of the hill to the recess of my mind.

Did you know I love the way you hold my hand?
The way your fingers bend and curve around my waistband.
Your body intertwined with mine,
The moon is keeping track of time.
Track Name: Coyote Bones
I heard you found coyote bones again.
Take me to his resting place, my friend.
We’ll throw a funeral for him,
And for all his animal friends

His friends said he was murdered for his pelt.
By a man in a mustache from the South.
He had a cigarette in his hand,
With his back turned to the hurricane’s winds.

And the coyote’s family said,
He was a hunter and a gatherer and a father and a friend.
And a good one at that,
And the leader of the pack.
Said that this coyote will never come back.
But may he rest in peace,
From this desert heat.

And the coyote was somewhere else,
Looking down on this desert town.
He let out his howl . . .
Track Name: The Great Unknown
I miss my bed without you,
It's just so cold with you gone.
I miss your body next to mine,
You and I just spending time,
And what I say, you know it's true.

It's been so long since a midnight ride,
Can’t hardly bare to go alone.
And how you rode right next to me,
Your long hair blowing in the breeze,
Later you laid down by my side.

Suburbs in the Summer and city in the Spring,
Come on honey now, I’ll take you under my wing
And we’ll fly to the great unknown.

Try to think of where in the states you are,
In a bus or a plane or your best friend’s car
But I know, you’ll be back home soon.
Track Name: Pennsylvania
When I was born they said I could have died.
My father did weep and my mother, she cried.
Although my lungs were withered inside,
A two pound boy was alive.

Many months later I was taken home,
To a nice little house where I mended my bones.
I would sit in the tree that once bordered the road,
Watch the world as it turned so slow.

Once I was seven we packed up our things,
And moved to PA where the setting sun brings,
The beauty of life to the valleys and springs,
And the sound of the partridge does ring.

As I grew older my life doubled in size,
The tops of the hills arched their backs towards the skies.
‘Cause nature you know, does sink and does rise,
Like the ocean, so old and so wise.

I remember when I played my first show,
The music pulsated with those in the front row.
Spring claimed the air as the clouds hung so low,
“In a year, a year or so”.

Sometimes when I lie awake late at night,
I watch the shadows that trickle from the house light.
The patterns move slow like those born without sight,
When you sleep you life seems so bright.

Now that I’ve grown up, I’ll soon leave my home,
And pack up the pictures of the ones I did know.
I’ll never forget all the places I roamed,
Pennsylvania, the love you have shown.

I do not know if God is real or a lie,
But oh well, I thank God I’m alive.
Track Name: Mississippi You
On the banks where you painted,
Canoes float along,
Along the railroad line,
I Brandywine you,
I Brandywine you!

In western Carolina,
Where the mountains are so tall,
And the drinks are so strong,
I Tuckasegee you
I Tuckasegee you!

Down on the bayou,
Where the river grows,
From the northern snow,
I Mississippi you
I Mississippi all of you!